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For over 25 years, Orthopaedic Techniques has provided a dedicated commitment to servicing prosthetic clients and the prosthetic profession throughout Australia.

OT distributes and services an extensive range of leading edge upper and lower extremity componentry including a full range of manufacturing materials and supplies. The purpose of our website is to assist the profession in sourcing product information on prosthetic components and products used in the construction of artificial limbs.

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By entering the Products section, the user can obtain links to the home pages of all the manufacturing companies we distribute and support, and also access catalogues for product details.

Patients should contact their prosthetists to discuss any of these products and how they are relevant to their current and ongoing management.

Product of the Month

The Plié 2.0

Plie 2.0 Knee

The Plié 2.0 integrates high-performance processing capabilities and a cutting-edge hydraulic system, making it the most responsive MPC knee ever developed. A finely tuned control system enables the Plié 2.0 to respond to ambulatory stimuli within 10 milliseconds. Consequently, users can stay in stance phase longer, take smaller steps and change walking speeds more fluidly. A proprietary position sensor and patent-pending load cell built into the frame of the Plié 2.0 provide input to advanced algorithms utilized by the microprocessor to control stance and swing, and stumble recovery parameters.